What To Do Before Starting An Eviction Cleanout

It’s never a simple choice to evict a tenant, as it involves more than just money and extra effort. You can be the target of legal action from the evicted renter if you conduct the eviction cleanout improperly.

Even if they have a pending debt after the eviction, you could be liable for their damages. That’s why it’s essential to use eviction cleanout services when evicting a tenant. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about things to know before starting an eviction cleanout. Keep reading and get informed!

5 Things to Consider Before Starting An Eviction Cleanout

  • Dealing With Garbage

You are not required to keep every item a tenant leaves behind, including any computers, clothing, or other valuables.Clean up trash or low-quality items, such as food wrappers, perishable items, and loose packaging, right after a tenant moves out.

  • Proper Property Holding

In some states, you’ll have to keep the tenant’s possessions somewhere other than the rental home. Many people retain the items in a storage unit or safe location until they can be returned or adequately disposed of.

Check your state’s laws about what to do with a tenant’s possessions before evicting them.

  • Making Professional Arrangements

Hiring a professional eviction cleanout service can save you time and energy by carefully sorting your belongings to find what is essential and properly storing them.

A company specializing in these delicate situations can help you inventory every item going into storage. This way, you have a stronger case to keep some of the things–in exchange for money owed to you by the tenant.

  • Notifying the Tenant 

Some states require landlords to give former renters written notice of their right to retrieve their possessions and keep the personal property safe and accessible for a certain amount of time.

There may be a lag between the written notice’s delivery and the time you can infer that the property has been abandoned.

  • Getting Back Expenses or Lost Rent

You could be allowed to keep any belongings left in the rental property if the tenant still owes you money for late rent or property damage after the eviction.

This is because the property has an automatic lien against it, even though automatic liens are not recognized in all states. The laws of your state may require you to sue the tenant to recover any unpaid debts formally.

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