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Riverside County Debris Hauling Service!

How Does Junk Removal Work?


No matter what you want gone, we’ll make it happen! Our team can dispose of just about any unwanted items you may have laying around.

Clear Communication

You will receive email confirmations, reminders and we will send you a text message when we are heading in your direction. We know you're busy, and we always want to make sure we respect your time.


You’ll be wondering why you didn’t call us sooner when you see how amazing your space looks cleared out!


Temecula Valley JUNK PICK-UP will always let you know How Much Junk Service Will Cost before we begin. As long as pricing works within your budget, our team can remove you Junk on the spot!


What are you waiting for? Give our team at Temecula Valley JUNK PICK-UP a call today to say goodbye to your junk tomorrow.

Junk Removal Temecula

Temecula Junk RemovalWhen you find junk that needs to be removed from your house or business, the first question is, what company do I hire? That’s a good question. Doing some research by using Google search can make this decision easier. There are many junk removal companies in the Riverside, Ca, area because it’s such a large area with many people and businesses who need junk hauled away on occasion. It may not seem fair, but we’re going to recommend not hiring any junk removal company because they have low prices! You’ll want someone licensed and insured for safety reasons at the very least, but there are other factors worth considering too before making this important choice.

How long will they take to get rid of junk?

Junk Removal Companies often need more than one truck because junk is a heavy material. If they can’t make an appointment to haul away junk, you might not get your whole junk load removed in time which will cost extra money and hassle!

Is the Junk Hauling Service Insured?

If something breaks during the loading process like furniture or appliances, it could be costly to replace them. You’ll want someone who’s insured, so that doesn’t happen.

What type of trash disposal do I need in Temecula?

– there are different types of junk hauling services, too – some specialize in specific things like construction debris. In contrast, others offer all kinds of junk hauling, from junk pick up on-site at your home or office and dump runs with no rental fees involved. Because each company has its own process, it’s essential to know what junk removal company best suits your needs!

junk haulers are often tasked with disposing of junk as well – so you’ll want someone who can get rid of waste the way that you need it done. That could be anywhere in Temecula, Ca and they may have a disposal fee for this service which varies from one company to another.

Other Factors to consider

 – depending on how much junk there is or if it’s construction debris, some junk haulers charge by volume rather than weight, too, just like many people prefer when buying food at grocery stores where measurement matters more than weight because we’re all different sizes! It pays off to ask about this before making an appointment, so you are disappointed.

-Check out reviews on the internet to make sure you are hiring a reputable company with satisfied customers.

To Get a free estimate for junk Removal in Temecula, give us a call us today at (951) 291-1700. Have some pictures ready of junk you need to be hauled away, and we’ll figure out the best services for your junk removal needs in Temecula

Temecula Junk Removal

sofa removal Murrieta

Furniture Removal

Have you been searching for junk removal near me? Well, we are here to help. We have furniture haulers in Temecula, Ca, specializing in furniture disposal from your property. Our guys will haul everything from old couches to an antique dresser with ease!

yard waste removal murrieta

Yard Waste

We are the answer to all your problems no matter what you need help with. From grass trimming and tree limbs all the way down past dead plants to soil, our disposal services for yard waste will take care of it quickly so that you can rest easy again in your backyard or garden today.

E-waste Removal


E-Waste disposal is what we do. We are local junk haulers in Temecula, CA, who specialize in recycling and disposal of old electronics. If you have electronics not being used, and taking up space it may be time to clear the clutter. Request an estimate for services today.

appliance removal

Appliance Removal

We are junk haulers in Riverside County, Ca, specializing in appliance hauling, including dishwasher removal! So before you get your new appliances delivered, let us haul away the old ones.

hot tube removal murrieta

Hot Tubs Removal

If you have an old hot tub taking up space on your property, and you need it removed, our team can help. We get the job done quick, easy, and affordable. Please fill out our online quote form so we can get started today.

construction debris murietta

Construction Debris

We're local junk haulers in Temecula, CA, specializing in removing construction debris and junk. We'll come to your property, take a look around, eliminate the garbage from all surfaces-then clean up after ourselves! Our company can also do demolition services. Give us a call or fill out our online quote form so that we can get started removing debris on your property now!

mattress removal

Mattress Removal

We make it easy to get rid of old mattresses. We make sure your mattress doesn't end up in the wrong place. Give us a call us at (951) 291-1700 so that we can rid your home of clutter from your property today.

storage clean out Murrieta

Local Curbside Pick up

Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up offers local curbside garbage removal pick-up. Contact us today or book online if you got tired of waiting for the city to pick up your garbage. Discounts are available for all our curbside pick-up clients.

foreclosure clean-out

Temecula CA Clean-Outs

If you are moving to a new place and don't want junk left behind, we can help! Our team in Temecula, CA, is experienced at removing all types of clutter. Whether it's old furniture or bags full of junk-we've seen it all before.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Nothing trashy about this company, totally reliable, responsive, and punctual. My wife and I were totally satisfied with the service and we’ll definitely be using them again for future projects. Thanks, guys!
Michelle Reyes
Michelle Reyes
Abel and his crew did an awesome job with the hauling of some old furniture I needed to get rid of. I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex with no elevator and they handled it with no problem! 2 guys, in and out in no time! Highly recommended and will definitely use them again when I need manpower! thanks, guys!
Bob Vick
Bob Vick
Abel did an outstanding job of helping me with my trash removal. He suggested ways to maximize my loads and was prompt and very friendly. He even loaned me his 3 lb. sled hammer to break furniture down. I would recommend him to anybody that needs this service.
Greg Porquez
Greg Porquez
The customer service was grade A! Cameron and his partner showed up within 30 minutes of my initial call and showcased a level of professionalism that is rare to find. They worked fast and cleaned up after themselves when they were finished. Pretty awesome to see the American flag flying on the truck as well, they’ve earned a customer/referrals as long as I’m in the valley.
Danielle Federico
Danielle Federico
Smoky Banks
Smoky Banks
I can’t say enough about the two young men who came to our house and tackled my project. They were both well groomed, polite and extremely professional. Temecula Valley Junk has certainly got my vote. Regards, Sam
Beth Whaley
Beth Whaley
Quick response and very professional!! Would highly recommend.
Vinny Dogg
Vinny Dogg
Great experience, they did clean and fast work highly recommend.
Amanda Handel
Amanda Handel
Would definitely recommend!!! We had someone cancel on us and needed a last minute pick up that day and they had someone there within an hour. Great customer service and experience.
Melissa Greenfield
Melissa Greenfield

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