Junk Removal in Winchester, CA

Junk Removal in Winchester, CA

We are the leading experts in junk removal. We are locally owned and love being part of the community. Let us help you clear out the junk! Junk removal companies make clearing out the clutter a breeze. They provide an easy and convenient way for people to get rid of their unwanted stuff without doing all that messy work themselves, by simply referring you to their service! Of course, there are some limits as far as what types/size items can be taken on-site at one time so it’s best if we talk about those beforehand.

When making a junk removal appointment, it is important to show up on time with all of your items. The crew will arrive in their truck and load up any unwanted garbage or clutter that you have available for pickup for an affordable rate! You can also ask them about pricing beforehand so there are no surprises when they arrive – Temecula Junk Pick-Up offers competitive rates depending upon location as well size and weight.

Junk removal businesses will take any kind of household items and not just junk. Many companies donate usable goods to charity, so it is important that you do your research before hiring a company for this task! You can always Google “junk hauling what we recycle” or contact one directly via their website if needed.

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The Junk Removal Process


No matter what you want gone, we’ll make it happen! Our team can dispose of just about any unwanted items you may have laying around.


Our team at Temecula Valley JUNK PICK-UP knows you’re busy. We always want to make sure we respect your time


You’ll be wondering why you didn’t call us sooner when you see how amazing your space looks cleared out!


Temecula Valley JUNK PICK-UPwill always provide an upfront quote on your junk removal before we begin.


What are you waiting for? Give our team at Temecula Valley JUNK PICK-UP a call today to say goodbye to your junk tomorrow.

What junk removal items companies won’t take?

Junk removal services are a great way to get rid of all your unwanted items in one go. But, you need to be aware that not every company will take everything-and some types of heavy objects cannot easily fit through small openings! Here’s what they won’t haul away:
Junk Removal Services Will Not Take – Anything Too Toxic Or hazardous. It can harm their equipment if it gets caught up during transport and also poses risks to personal safety due to accidents that happen while working on the site so make sure its safe before calling them out with these suggestions

Where does the junk go after companies haul it away?

But where does all the unwanted stuff go? You may feel better knowing that many junk removal companies recycle or donate as much of what they pick up. For example, TemeculaJunk Pick-Up Valley will drop off good furniture to the Salvation Army or Goodwill Stores. But not everything can be recycled – so if you want your old furniture taken off our hands for good (and won’t let it just clutter up someone else’s home), we’ll send them off right away instead to landfills where appropriate recyclers will take care of it.

Are junk removal services still running during COVID-19? 

Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up and Hauling has continued to operate during COVID-19 as they are an essential business. Be sure ask them if the wear appropriate personal protective equipment and follow social distancing guidelines when entering your home!

Will junk removal services come to my house during the coronavirus pandemic?

Our Garbage collection service will continue to enter homes during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’ll wear masks and maintain social distance. Our team has also started offering contactless options if preferred by clients with little or no risk involved in doing so!

Where do I put my junk for removal companies to pick it up? 

When you need to get rid of old, unwanted items like trash or furniture there’s no better company than Temecula Junk Pick- Up Our friendly staff will come to pick up all types and sizes anywhere on your property – as long as it can fit into our truck! We also offer discounts for placing materials outside before arrival so that they’re ready when we arrive; just mention this during checkout if interested in getting rid-a some old junk.

Do junk removal companies recycle? 

Junk removal companies must follow specific procedures for disposal of unwanted items. If an item cannot be recycled or donated, it will go to a landfill in order to prevent environmental pollution with e-waste materials like old computers and TVs that may contain toxic heavy metals such as lead or mercury and other hazardous component found within their circuits board panels .

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