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Safe, Secure, and Specialized Piano Removal in Temecula California

Upright, Organ or Baby Grand Piano Removal.

At Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up, we get it. Pianos are more than just instruments; they’re pieces of our history. However, they’re also bulky and tough to move. That’s why, when the time comes to remove that old or unused piano from a home, it’s crucial to do it right.


Handling a piano improperly can damage you or your home – so don’t risk it! With our expertise and the right equipment, we ensure a hassle-free and safe piano removal process. Whether you need an awkward upright or bulky baby grand piano removed, we can handle it!

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Full-Service Piano Removal

Our team swoops in, clearing out everything (or just what you specify), giving you a fresh slate. No lifting a finger – except maybe for a refreshing drink while you watch our team turn your mess into a masterpiece.

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Inside, Upstairs & Curbside Piano Removal

Prefer doing it yourself? We’ll provide a residential-friendly rolloff dumpster conveniently placed for you to fill. It’s your DIY cleanup with our tools – the best of both worlds.

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Why It's Best Not to Remove a Piano Yourself?

Pianos are complex and heavy instruments that can be challenging to remove. Here’s why doing it yourself might not be the best idea:

1. Heavier than you think:

Pianos are heavy, typically weighing between 800 to 1,400 pounds. Their weight isn’t uniformly spread, making them difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces.

2. Risk of Personal Injury:

Due to their size and weight, there’s a genuine risk of injury when trying to move a piano. This can range from minor strains to more significant injuries if handled incorrectly.

3. Damage Concerns:

Without the proper tools and techniques, you might damage your home or yourself. Holes in walls, scratches on the floor, or a messed up back- we’ve seen it all, and we can help you avoid these common pitfalls.

4. Cost Considerations:

Not only is it risky to try and remove a piano yourself, but it’s often more costly in the long run. From rental fees for furniture sliders or ramps to potential repair costs if something goes wrong – you can save money by working with an experienced pro!

Don’t trust just anyone with your beloved instrument – hire a professional to get the job done right! At Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up, we ensure your home is safe throughout the piano removal process.

Honest Pricing. No Surprises.

With Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up, the quote you get is the price you pay, even if we make an error in the initial quote. Whether it’s a one-time pick-up or an ongoing contract, you can always have confidence knowing that we stand by our word.

Book online or call us. We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation visit. During this appointment, we assess the cleanout task and give you an exact price to have all your junk removed. With your approval, we’ll get to work right away. No vague estimates that change later, no hidden fees. One appointment, One Price and 5 Star Service is what you get, and we stand by it. It’s how business should be.

We’ve seen it too often: companies giving rough estimates based on pictures or vague descriptions, only to change prices upon arrival. It’s not fair, and we’re here to change that standard. 


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Proudly Serving the Entire Temecula Valley

As the go-to name for furniture removal in the Temecula Valley, we’re always at your service. 

Slightly out of our listed area? Give us a call. We’re always ready to assist, no matter where you’re based.

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Why Choose Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up for Your Piano Removal?

We Handle It All With Expert Care

Our team isn’t just trained; they are specialists in piano removal. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of transporting such a large, bulky item. From proper lifting techniques to secure delivery, you can trust us to remove your piano safely.

We Keep You, Your Belongings, and Our Team Covered

We aim for perfection, but should there be an unexpected hiccup causing damage to any part of your property, you can be confident in knowing we have it covered. We carry general liability, and workers compensation coverage to ensure that you, your home, and our team are taken care of during the process.

Our team’s safety is paramount. In the event of an accident during the removal process, we ensure our employees are cared for, alleviating any potential concerns about liability on your end.

We Value Fast and Transparent Communication

From the moment you reach out, our commitment is to keep you informed every step of the way. Our team will communicate arrival times, the removal process, and any necessary post-removal steps. You’ll never be left in the dark.


free quote temecula valley junk reova;

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Your peace of mind is our ultimate goal. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, we pledge to make it right. We stand by the quality of our work and continuously aim for 100% client satisfaction.

We Know The Area Well!

Being based in Southwest Riverside County, we have a deep understanding of the local logistics and nuances. Our commitment isn’t just to our work but to our community. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re supporting a local business that values and gives back to its community.

Our Piano Removal Process

1. Consultation & Scheduling:

Get in touch with us to provide details about your piano and its location. We’ll gather the necessary information, advise on the best approach, and schedule a convenient time for the removal.


2. On-Site Assessment & Preparation:

Our team arrives and thoroughly reviews the situation, evaluating the piano’s condition and determining the safest route for its removal. We’ll use the proper methods and materials to prepare your piano for removal. During that visit, our team will also provide you with an exact price on having the piano removed. 

3. Removal & Transportation:

Once you approve the estimate, our team will securely remove the piano out of its current location. Form removals leading to disposal, we aim for responsible disposal, including recycling or donating components when feasible.

4. Completion & Feedback:

Once the piano is removed and responsibly disposed of, we’ll check in with you to ensure complete satisfaction. Your feedback is vital, helping us refine and improve our services continually.


With Temecula Valley Junk Pickup, you’re guaranteed a streamlined and professional approach, ensuring your removal is fast and easy.

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FAQ's About Piano Removal

We can remove both upright, organ and baby grand pianos. Our team is trained to handle the unique challenges each type of piano presents.

Absolutely! We offer general liability coverage, which means in the rare event of damage to your property, like your floor or wall, we’ve got it covered. Plus, we have workers’ compensation for our team’s safety during removal.

We proudly serve Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Winchester, French Valley, Canyon Lake, and Wildomar. If you’re outside these areas but nearby, do reach out, and we’ll do our best to assist!

The duration can vary depending on factors like the type of piano and its location. However, our team prioritizes both safety and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and timely process. For a more precise estimate, feel free to contact us!

Yes, we do! We stand by the quality of our work and aim for 100% client satisfaction. If you’re not entirely pleased with our service, we pledge to make it right.

While we handle the heavy lifting and careful removal of your piano, we recommend ensuring clear pathways and removing any objects that might obstruct or complicate the removal. If there are any specific quirks or concerns about your piano, let us know beforehand!

Considering removing a piano? Trust the experts at Temecula Valley Junk Pick-up. For bookings, detailed inquiries, or to simply learn more about our process, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way.