‘Tis The Season To Give Back: Quick Donation Guide

The holiday season is a time to come together and demonstrate acts of kindness, particularly towards those in need. What better way to do so than by donating items you no longer use – not only will it lift your spirits knowing that what was once yours could be someone else’s lifeline, but it can also bring other families joy during this special time of year!


Whether you’re tidying up around the house before guests arrive or simply looking for ways to share your abundance with our less fortunate neighbors, here are some key items you can donate this holiday. 

Top 5 Items To Donate

  1. Clothing:

Many shelters, outreach centers, and churches rely on donated clothing to provide comfort this winter. Be sure to thoroughly check each item before donating, as no one wants something that is torn or stained!

2. Shoes:

It’s easy to forget the importance of shoes when donating items – but they make all the difference in providing support and stability for those in need. Try to donate pairs still in good condition; otherwise, they can cause more harm than good.

3. Books:

Reading is a great way to pass the time and build knowledge all year round. Donating books can be incredibly beneficial, particularly for children or those learning English as a second language.

4. Blankets:

Blankets are essential for keeping warm during the colder months, so be sure to donate any that you no longer need. If you have blankets in good condition but don’t want to part with them, consider donating money; this way, the organization can purchase new blankets of their own!

5. Toys:

Kids love receiving new toys during the holidays, so why not make someone else’s holiday season extra special by donating your old ones? This could include board games, stuffed animals, or even arts and crafts supplies.

Let Us Help You Out

At Temecula Valley Junk Pick-Up, we recognize how important it is to give back during the holidays – that’s why our donation pickup service helps you easily and conveniently donate any items you no longer need. Whether it’s clothes, books, toys, or anything else, check us out this season – we guarantee that your donations will make a difference in someone’s future! Get a free quote for our donation pickup service here!

Happy Holidays from Temecula Valley Junk Pick-Up!


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